Мале | Zhivka Papancheva (Official) A SLAVMAN production. © 2019. "Мале" (Mom, Mother) is an original Bulgarian song. Music and lyrics by Milen Slavov. Singer: Zhivka Papancheva. Music and video produced by Milen Slavov. www.slavman.com/male


"Hip Fusion" music video by Milen Slavov. Featuring Slick Cntrl. Music created, performed, and produced by Bulgarian-American accordionist-composer-producer Milen Slavov. Freestyle hip-hop dance by Slick Cntrl. Video created and produced by Milen Slavov. © 2019 SLAVMAN. More about “Hip Fusion”: www.slavman.com/hipfusion

SLAVMAN VIDEO streams original content for entertainment and cultural enrichment, as well as cultural and intellectual perspectives. Content created and produced by the Bulgarian-American musician-composer-producer Milen Slavov.

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