Terms and Policies


By making a purchase or using any part of the slavman.com Website and/or any of the SLAVMAN’s brands Websites, you agree that you have read, understand and accept the terms and policies of SLAVMAN, LLC (SLAVMAN) and to be bound by them.

When you purchase or use a product or service by SLAVMAN and its brands, you agree to all terms and policies specified here. If and when you submit any content to SLAVMAN, you must own or be authorized to use that content. SLAVMAN and its producers assume no responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided with a purchase and/or submission, and SLAVMAN assumes no liability for issues arising from the use of that information and from the use of the submitted content.

With or without notice, SLAVMAN reserves the right to (a) suspend or terminate the use of its Products and Services, (b) terminate account/s, (c) remove any content or digital goods from slavman.com and from SLAVMAN’s brands servers and (d) prohibit any uploads.  SLAVMAN and its brands will have no liability for terminating any account/s or deleting any web pages or other content from their Web servers.

SLAVMAN reserves the right to make changes to terms and policies at any time. We suggest you review this page from time to time to stay informed on up-to-date terms and policies.

Multimedia Content Production Services
Any submitted pre-production content by client/s, such as text, images, audio, video, or any other related production material is the property of its respective owner/s, if not otherwise specified in a written contractual agreement.
Any content created, produced, and published by SLAVMAN and its brands, and made available on the Web or otherwise, is the property of SLAVMAN. SLAVMAN retains all rights to the content. The use of that content- commercial use or personal use – is possible and lawful only with a specific purchase, license, and with a written authorization granted by SLAVMAN.

SLAVMAN specializes in the development, production, publication and licensing of original multimedia content including digital marketing content production, video production, digital photography, production music tracks, audio production, written publications, custom music composition and production, digital downloads, educational materials, and creative writing – campaigns, stories, concepts. Clients / Customers / Licensee may obtain a non-exclusive or exclusive licenses, for commercial or personal use, by purchasing/ordering such licenses and with a written authorization granted by SLAVMAN specifying the terms of such purchase/order.

Digital Photography
SLAVMAN retains the right to use for promotional purposes, produced photos for its clients. A 48-hour notice, minimum, is required for rescheduling a photo shoot. No refund will be issued to Client after the originally scheduled photo shoot day.

Digital Downloads
When you purchase from SLAVMAN and download an intangible content such as written materials, music tracks, audio tracks, video clips, you (“Licensee”) may obtain a non-exclusive or exclusive licenses, for commercial or personal use, by purchasing such licenses and with a written authorization granted by SLAVMAN specifying the terms of such purchase.

Work samples and test files may be provided by SLAVMAN. These files are provided to clients and visitors for test purposes only, not for actual use in any type of production. These multimedia samples and test files may be dramatically compressed and distorted. High quality content is delivered with a purchase and with a specific proper license granted by SLAVMAN. SAVMAN is the copyright owner of such samples and test files and we retain all rights to the content.

In the event of any breach of these terms, SLAVMAN and its legally appointed representatives reserve all rights to seek relief and financial compensation.

Refund Policy
Our goal is to serve each of our clients in a professional manner and provide high quality products and services. We offer intangible goods, thus, generally, refunds will not be issued once an order is processed and completed, nor can a digital content / item be returned.

Corrupted or Malfunctioning files and Download Problems
If we determine that a file is corrupted or malfunctioning, we will replace the malfunctioning file. Please, after downloading, immediately make sure your file opens and works properly. If we receive notice by email from a client experiencing download problems, we will explore alternative delivery methods until the client is satisfied. We will make every effort, within 24-48 hours after a purchase or a download attempt, to deliver the purchased content. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact us.

Privacy Policy
We value the privacy of our clients, genuinely appreciate your business, and treasure your becoming our client. This privacy policy describes the kind of information we may collect from you, and how we use that information.

Personal Information
Personal information may include your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. We may collect Personal Information from you when you make a purchase or provide it when you use slavman.com and content by SLAVMAN and its brands. We will never sell your Personal Information to anyone.

Non-Personal Information
Non-Personal Information is information that does not identify you as an individual and includes information such as your browser type, the URL of the previous Web site you visited, and the Web pages you view. We may automatically collect certain types of Non-Personal Information from you when you use slavman.com and content by SLAVMAN and its brands, and information that you voluntarily provide in response to a questionnaire or survey, or information you post on a message board or chat room.

How we use your information
Generally, we will not disclose your Personal Information to third parties without your permission. We may use the Personal Information you provide for billing and/or shipping purposes. We may also use the Personal Information you provide to (a) administer and manage your account, (b) include you on our mailing lists and (c) advertise and promote our products and services.

In addition, we may disclose your Personal Information when required by any applicable law or legal process, or if we believe we need to disclose it to protect or enforce our rights.

No Perfect Protection, and Children’s Personal Information
SLAVMAN utilizes reasonable efforts to safeguard the privacy of your information. However, we assume no responsibility or liability for disclosure of any of your information due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third-party access or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

Protecting children’s privacy is important, therefore we encourage parental involvement in any online interactive activity. We will not intentionally collect or use any personal information from children we know to be under the age of sixteen. If notified, we will delete any information in our databases that originates from a child under the age of sixteen.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy
If you use the slavman.com Website and/or SLAVMAN’s brands Websites, you are accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, and we will have the right to use your information as described in this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.