Determination | Willingness

Determination | Willingness

Why give the impression that you wish to travel a long way, if you know at the beginning you don’t want to reach the destination? #Determination #Willingness

. Talent – Professional and Personal Growth

Passing on knowledge is how we learn and evolve. ********** As a multimedia producer specializing in digital marketing, content production, arts & entertainment, I think and write about a spectrum of aspects including business, philosophy, and humanity. Each human being is unique and everyone carries a distinct individual talent. Each and every person has the […]

Willingness | Forward | Human | Progress

. Willingness

Willingness = Forward. #Willingness | #Forward | #Human | #Progress

positivity choice

. The Choice of Priceless

Seeking #positivity every day – a choice. Surrounded by positive energy at the #WorkPlace every day – priceless. M.S.