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Each human being is unique and everyone carries a distinct individual talent. Each and every person has the ability to make a positive impact. The challenge begins when one clashes with the reality of life (mostly man-made) – the struggle for survival, and the personal dealing with accepting the fact that there is a finish line. Somewhere in the middle, that individual talent appears to be “washable”, thus, doubts flood the mind.

Nevertheless, talent can be truly revealed when there are emotions, honesty, and opportunities for professional and personal growth. Of course, willingness and a drive within to achieve must be in place as well. Then clarity kicks in, and the power of intellect contributes to the realization of goals and objectives.

Intuition is of major importance – it’s the internal door to a second “I” and to a self preservation instinct. A naturally given talent contributes to a greater sense of existence. Tolerance and a deep understanding of people can form avenues for unity and belonging, hence, each person can have a chance to apply naturally given talents for a greater benefit, both professional and personal.

How is all this related to business?

I assume you are an executive/business manger. I assume you have a team of people. Now ask yourself if you are utilizing the talents of those people to the fullest. Do you give them the appropriate, for their talent, assignments? Do you give them a working structure and freedom to execute? Do they know your talents? So, the utilization of talent recourses, the understanding of strengths and weaknesses – minus ego – along with clear targeted delegations allow executives/managers to lead to business growth and personal prosperity.

by Milen Slavov, Multimedia Producer
SLAVMAN Digital Multimedia Content Production

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