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The Power of Digital Marketing

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We live in a digitized world and using intangible content has a tremendous impact on everything tangible.  Digital content marketing makes businesses relevant in the 21st Century.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital is intangible. Marketing is the approach to introducing and promoting particular products and services, hence, encouraging the purchase of those products and services.

Digital marketing is applied through digital platforms – online networks, social media channels, and such. The execution of digital marketing requires several components, including: creating a marketing concept and strategy, setting objectives, setting a timeline, obtaining professionally produced branded content, and making sure there is a digital marketing specialist in place to consistently publish and monitor the content, to interact, engage, and to generate digital marketing reports.

So, digital marketing is the use of digital content, customized and produced especially to provoke sales, business branding, awareness, and consumers’ loyalty. The purpose of digital marketing content is to engage, not to sell directly – but to further sales efforts.

Digital marketing applications include:
1. Social Media Content Planning, Production, Posting and Monitoring
2. Web Content Production and Publishing
3. Branded Digital Content Production and Publishing
4. Development and Execution of Digital Marketing Campaigns

There are several steps and different components that are crucial when it comes to creating a good digital marketing plan. As a digital marketing specialist and multimedia content producer, I recognize the importance of the following aspects as the center for a successful execution of any digital marketing campaign:
Conceptualizing, developing and writing the marketing objectives, comes first. Securing the professional production of the branded digital content is next – that includes video production, digital photography, original music and audio content.

So, now we have a good digital marketing plan, we have a professionally produced branded digital content – the next step is publishing. The produced content is published on social media channels, Websites, and via targeted electronic avenues.

Everything sounds great, right? Yes. However, keep in mind that no digital marketing effort can be fully effective without consistency. It takes a clear marketing goal, daily efforts, and a thorough understanding of technological and human aspects to reach business digital marketing objectives.


by Milen Slavov, Multimedia Producer
SLAVMAN Digital Multimedia Content Production

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