The SLAVMAN educational multimedia courses feature creative downloadable courses by award-winning Bulgarian-American accordionist-composer-producer Milen Slavov. Learn. Add to your richness.

Download and license sheet music by SLAVMAN - accordion music, Bulgarian music, choir, classical, and music fusion. You purchase more than sheet music here. Commercial licenses included. Learn more:

Collaborate with Milen Slavov, an award-winning accordionist-composer-producer. Milen often says: “There’s always so much to create for the enrichment and entertainment of people. Willingness = Forward, therefore there’s no external limit on what we can achieve.”

Collaboration areas include: artistic, entertainment, educational, audio/video, and content marketing. Get started:

SLAVMAN VIDEO streams original content - created and produced by Bulgarian-American musician-composer-producer Milen Slavov, for multicultural enrichment and entertainment, as well as cultural and intellectual perspectives. Watch now:

Digital posters by SLAVMAN. For home and office decoration. For print. For use in multimedia projects. Abstract, Motivational, Inspirational, and Landscape categories. Commercial license included.

Milen Slavov’s philosophical observations about mind and spirit, and approaches to individual, professional, and societal growth. Enrich yourself. Enrich others.