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SLAVMAN ACCORDION FUSION is an e-book workshop for advanced accordion players, musicians, teachers, and scholars in related fields. 20 pages - digital format. By Milen Slavov.

"The purpose here is to explore and learn universal musical expressions reflecting human emotions and characters. Musical styles and idioms serve as tools for creating and delivering inspiring experiences. The fundamental philosophy behind Original World Music Fusion is to embrace unity through artistic collaborations – a cosmopolitan creative production philosophy with a universal scope surpassing borders and nationality. " The Author

Featured subjects:

  • Guide to Original World Music Fusion

  • About Bulgaria and its culture

  • Main ornaments in Bulgarian music

  • Sheet music - a theme in traditional Bulgarian style

  • Original World Music Fusion philosophy

  • Creative approach to Original World Music Fusion

  • “A Day” - musical composition description

  • Sheet music - “A Day”, musical composition

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Coming Soon!

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We are excited to announce that Mr. Milen Slavov is developing this Bulgarian accordion music course. The course will include three individual multimedia packages - beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The syllabus in each course level will include a multimedia package consisting of:

. Video tutorials

. Sheet Music

. E-book

. License

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Passing With The Time – for Gaida contains 14 popular Bulgarian traditional songs. The detailed musical transcriptions for solo gaida, including ornaments and unique harmonization, unveil the musical and cultural nuances behind the particular sound of the Bulgarian gaida.

This product was created and produced by the award-winning musician-composer-producer Milen Slavov. Milen transcribed and arranged the melodies for solo gaida, in collaboration with Petio Kostadinov - a leading and most respected gaida players of Bulgaria.

The “Passing With The Time” project was supported in part by funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, and in part from the Mississippi Arts Commission. The first edition of Passing With The Time – for Gaida was published in 2002, in the United States.

 This purchase includes:

. E-book (PDF)

 . A perpetual non-exclusive license

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