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Bulgarian-American Story

Solo Accordion

Bulgarian-American Story is a solo accordion musical act featuring accordionist Milen Slavov (About Milen >>> ). This is a cultural and entertainment offering that includes lyrical motifs, fiery passages, dazzling improvisations, odd meters, funny stories, music fusion and melodies with no rhythm. Created by Milen, the show embraces original Bulgarian music in traditional and contemporary styles and world music fusion influenced by a Balkan and Eastern-European heritage interwoven with a western life experience.

“I don’t know much about this musical genre, but I know when I’m in the presence of a virtuoso.” - Benny Ambush, Theatre Artist, Narrator of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, 1998

"Slavov demonstrates the capacity to cross not only the boundaries of time and space but also enter the variable dimensions of human experience." - Greg Smith, Professor of Teacher Education, Lewis & Clark College, Portland Oregon



Cultural Enrichment | Artistic Innovation

Request a collaboration with Milen Slavov.

Since 1987, Milen has collaborated with numerous performing artists. He has created and produced multimedia products and cultural events promoting the preservation of cultural traditions and embracing the exploration of high-quality artistic and entertainment innovation.

"The lecture and recital by Milen Slavov...was a demonstration of remarkable talent...the recital was absolutely incredible...he taught mixed meters, language, social customs, and fusion of Bulgarian folk music with jazz and pop." - Dr. Mark Reimer, Chair, Department of Music, Christopher Newport University, Virginia

"You have an enormous talent and your music is vibrant and exciting and your playing...simply incredible!" - Avraham Sternklar, pianist-composer-educator

"Your special modality involving "World Music" is an offering of true value in these times." - Herbert Rothgarber, composer-educator


Music Recording Services

Piano Accordion: Balkan, Fusion, Eastern European

Balkan Vocals

Have accordion tracks recorded for your soundtrack/project by master accordionist Milen Slavov.

Milen is accomplished in Bulgarian/Balkan music, world music fusion, Eastern European idioms, and musical expressions reflecting human emotions and characters.

Have unique and dramatically captivating traditional Bulgarian vocals recorded by master singer Zhivka Papancheva for your film and multimedia project.

Music tracks can be recorded in-house and delivered to the client ready for application. Also, artists may travel to record at a studio designated by the client.

"Milen Slavov’s music is rich in East European touches, and he plays in some very odd (by Western standards) rhythms. He also loves to mix up styles, so while there may be a nod to classical pieces, he roams through the folk music of his homeland, fiery Gypsy tunes, and original compositions. For anyone with a preconceived notion of what the accordion can do, Slavov takes it far beyond." - East Bay Express, San Francisco