We develop, produce, and license original content. SLAVMAN, LLC features products and services by the award-winning Bulgarian-American accordionist-composer-producer Milen Slavov (About Milen >>>). On slavman.com you can license unique multimedia educational and entertainment packages, book musical acts, download music, stream video and more. SLAVMAN, LLC was founded in 2011. Located in Portland, OR, U.S.A. Available for local, national and international inquiries.

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“Committing to doing the best work possible should be a self-established standard, not a probability.”

“Once a certain set of skills is acquired - art is the ability to honestly share, with no scruples, a personal struggle that can fit within universal perspectives. Music is a universal language that uniquely communicates through energy, emotion and intellect. We all carry the richness of some ethnic background, and that’s of course a distinct value developed throughout the human existence. But generally, as people, we have more similarities than differences.”

Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN