We develop, produce, and license original multimedia content for entertainment and cultural enrichment. Our main products and services for sale include:

·       Production Music Services

·       Creative Collaborations

·       Live Entertainment Acts

·       Downloadable Music Courses

·       Music Downloads – sheet music and audio tracks

·       Entertainment and Educational Videos

·       Content Licensing

Our self-held standard and guarantee to customers and audience is to provide high quality content and experiences that are inspiring, memorable, and beneficial.

Slogan: Strive For Better™

Featuring the work of the award-winning Bulgarian-American accordionist-composer-producer Milen Slavov.

A privately held company, SLAVMAN, LLC was founded in 2011. Located in Portland, OR, U.S.A. Available for local, national and international inquiries.

Key people: Milen Slavov | Zhivka Papancheva

“Committing to doing the best work possible should be a self-established standard, not a probability.”

“Once a certain set of skills is acquired - art is the ability to honestly share, with no scruples, a personal struggle that can fit within universal perspectives. Music is a universal language that uniquely communicates through energy, emotion, and intellect. We all carry the richness of some ethnic background, and that’s of course a distinct value developed throughout the human existence. But generally, as people, we have more similarities than differences.”

Milen Slavov

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NOTE: The name SLAVMAN does not intend to represent the Slavic ethno-linguistic group or any other ethnically related group; it does not represent the Slavs as a tribe. Learn more…