SLAVMAN provides multimedia production services and digital products –  photography, video, music, audio, content marketing, arts & entertainment, original world music fusion. Located in Portland, OR, U.S.A., available for jobs locally, nationally, and internationally.

SLAVMAN, LLC was founded in 2011 by award-winning multimedia producer Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN.  About Milen >>>
Specializing in:
. Content Production – photography, video, audio, music
. Creative Content Marketing Development and Production
. Arts and Entertainment Development and Production – Original World Music Fusion Composition :: Bulgarian Accordion Music and Original World Music Fusion Lectures/Demonstrations :: Original World Music Fusion Performing Acts

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Milen Slavov, Multimedia Producer - Credentials-Achievements-AwardsCONTENT PRODUCER
. Photography
. Video
. Music
. Audio
. Web / social media content production
. Creative content development – A&E

. Content marketing development and production
. Web/social media content development and production

. Music for video, film, TV, radio, video games, and Web applications
. Original World Music Fusion production and licensing
. Piano accordionist – Bulgarian music / Original World Music Fusion


> Development and production of educational, artistic, entertaining and marketing multimedia content
> Creative development and production of video and audio content – scenarios; video and audio equipment operation; editing of video and audio content; collaborations with and management of multimedia production casts & crews; pre-production, production and post-production management
> Production of digital photos for promotional, marketing, entertainment and educational publications
> Development and implementation of a multimedia production philosophy with a universal scope
> Development and production of educational, promotional and marketing multimedia presentations
> Development, implementation and management of social media content
> Production criteria evaluation – products, services, marketing objectives, and budgets
> Piano accordion & Bulgarian traditional and contemporary music teaching
> Original World Music Fusion concepts, philosophy, composition, performance, and production

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